The Time Being by ElrondDrakendil

The Time Being


3 June 2016 at 21:13:33 MDT

THE TIME BEING • colored pencil • 2016

Original artwork for the cover of Professor Odd #8 "Chronostrophe" WHICH YOU CAN BUY FOR REALSIES RIGHT HERE YES.

Had a lot of fun here using pictures from my local mountains as reference. As for why there is a ginormous blue horse… well, read the story and find out!

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    Was this at Balticon in the art show?

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      Indeed it was! I'm sorry we never got to meet—ships, nights, etc.

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        Aw man!! I was there all weekend, stuck at an Artists Alley not far from the Art Show. Can't believe we never met! It was nice to see some of your work in person!

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          Will you be going next year? (I will try to go again next year—I had a lot of fun!)

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            It was a disaster for me, the worst on like 10 years. I don't think I will be back next year.

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              I'm so sorry. There was definitely a train wreck aspect, but somehow I manage to avoid most of the hurtling, burning shrapnel. Take care and I wish you better (different) cons in the future!

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                After 30 years of doing Balticon, this last one was a mess! being on staff made it worse. As for other cons, I have to find some since the last 2 I was regularly doing have gone bad for me.

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    In prehistoric Equestria, megafauna horses roamed the land...
    What sets you apart from most other sci-fi writers is your book covers actually relate to something that happens in the book. :)

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      Oh gods it's tragic how true that comment is… largely because, unlike most other sci-fi writers, my illustrator has actually read the story and gets full artistic license. :P

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        Oh yes, tragic and misleading and incomprehensible. There's a whole TVTrop page for it, but what sticks out in my mind is my copy of Telempath by Spider Robison. The cover shows an older man eating a sandwich on a park bench, sitting next to a skeleton with a crow on it's head. In the background is a city and in front of them is a cheetah. What's the book about? A well meaning scientist wants to stop pollution by releasing a virus that gives all humans super-smell, but makes humans aware of invisible gas beings who don't like being made aware of, and cause a war that destroys civilization. The main character is on a quest to find the scientist and kill him. Nothing even close to what the cover implied.

        Though to be fair, it would be hard to depict superscent on a book cover.

        And yeah, the book came out like, twenty years before Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. :-D