A noobie "artist". I dream of the day I can become a true artist that can create beautiful artworks (specially Lucario themed) that can transmit warm and cute feelings to the people :3

I try to draw everyday to see if I improve and accept critiques quite nicely :)

Right now I´m on the stage of learning how to draw faces (specially Lucario) and hoping I improve someway o.o

My personality? Well, I´m a bit shy, so I don´t open my thoughts to everyone freely. But if I get to be your friend, I´ll always support you in any way I can. And that means you´re quite a special person in my opinion :3

I´m a Lucario lover (in case you haven´t noticed yet) so I follow almost any artist that draws cute adorable little Lucarios X3

So, if you want to talk to me, I´ll probably answer since I like to listen to people too c:

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About my drawings

on 19 November 2014 at 09:30:00 MST

It´s been a while since I started drawing and I must say I´m gaining "some" confidence about myself :3

I still have some troubles with drawing, I make mistakes and my drawings still don´t have the "essence" I´m looking for them to have o.o

But I know that if I keep practicing I´ll become better. Because that´s what´s happened until now :D

When I see my first drawing and then my most recent drawing, I notice that I have improved "something"

Luckily, I have met many kind users that have been so gentle with me X3

Also, I like when they criticize me, because sometimes I make mistakes that I don´t notice, but they do, because they are more experienced than me, and that helps me to become better :3

I hope I repay them somehow and someday, when I become a better artist <3

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    No problem, continue with your drawings and you will get better. ^^

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      Aaawww, thank you so SO much X3

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    Just noticed I can ask for critiques o.o
    Perfect! The more critiques I get, the more I can improve! X3