Feather Paintings by ElementalSpirits

Feather Paintings


14 July 2017 at 17:03:13 MDT

I collected some feathers a while ago and decided to offer these to my patreons this month (And one for myself to experiment). I really like how they came out and want to do more. Would anyone be interested in a feather commission like these?

I'm also still offering these to my patreons until the end of the month. I've tweaked my patreon a lot recently so I can hopefully offer rewards like these more often!

Luke (grey) © wohoo
Crystal (red) © tamaskakitsu
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    They are lovely! So cool! I painted on a feather once ten years ago or so. I have no idea how people manage to paint so detailed without messing up the feathers. <3
    I wouldn't commission you for it (or anyone else) because I have no suitable place to hang up something so fragile but I could imagine some people would be interested in it.

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      Thank you! I found them quite easy to paint on as long as you're careful not to press too hard and build in layers, which surprised me! I thought it would be a lot harder. xD
      Unfortunately it turns out that selling feathers, and especially sending them to different countries, is a lot more iffy legally then I realised so I won't be selling any. A shame because I'm sure some people would have enjoyed them, but I agree that displaying them is more difficult then most paintings.