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Hi my name is Lori! I'm a self-taught artist and I take most enjoyment drawing fanart and fantasy creatures. I love Pokemon, corgis, dragons, Tales of Symphonia, How to Train Your Dragon, Bayonetta and much more which may reflect in my art.

Please do not repost my art. E621 is okay however, as long as it's sourced and credited to me

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Ko-fi Commissions CLOSED

on 18 July 2018 at 21:09:31 MDT

Closing Ko-fi commissions so I can catch up with the backlog!
Thank you so much!! These commissions have helped me immensely <3

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Clean Lines

Flat color
$ 25.00
no color
$ 20.00

Pokemon Team

Clean lines - flat color - no trainer
$ 125.00
Clean lines - flat color - w/ trainer
$ 150.00
sketch - flat color - no trainer
$ 65.00
sketch - flat color - w/ trainer
$ 80.00

Shading addon

$ 5.00
Painterly shading
$ 10.00


flat color
$ 15.00
uncolored w/ soft airbrush shading
$ 8.00

$5 off for the first additional character added (does not apply to uncolored sketches or pokemon teams)

Flat colored pieces typically have:

  • Very simple backgrounds. Usually consists of a random fade, border or patterns. I just go with what I am feeling at the time. You may add input for this part if you want a specific look. Understand that detailed BGs will have an additional fee
  • Simple lighting. This is especially true for reflective surfaces like eyes/claws/hair/ect.
  • Subtle fades on body of character. I like to give flats a bit more feeling in texture. Mostly for the main body color.

Additional info on shading:

  • If there are more than two characters in your commission this addon will have an additional fee per character.
  • *Example: 4 cell-shaded characters would be a $15 addon
  • *Example: 4 paint shaded characters would be a $30 addon
  • Getting shading will also yield more dynamic lighting!

Additional info on Pokemon teams:

  • This is an illustration of 6 Pokemon of your choice (+ trainer if purchased). They can be drawn wearing accessories and have unique markings & colors. It can also feature each of the Pokemon's names and gender.

Detailed Backgrounds:

  • I require an additional fee if you want your commission to have an actual setting rather than a plain background. I will figure out the price based on what you want and how complex it is. Starting price is at $30.

Drawing preferences:

Will draw:

  • pretty much anything "vanilla"
  • transformation
  • egg laying
  • light gore/cartoon/candy gore
  • oral vore
  • size difference
  • any gender & any sexuality

Won't draw:

  • scat
  • snuff
  • gas
  • any non-oral vore
  • underage characters near or in sexual situations
  • inflation (moderate belly inflation is fine)
  • diaper fetish
  • vomit
  • watersports (might consider if it's solo?)
  • heavy gore in sexual situations
  • hate speech or malicious content

(may be updated in the future)