MCDGA--Kamadem and Summer Rain (Pixel Art) by ekakinomi-art

MCDGA--Kamadem and Summer Rain (Pixel Art)


23 August 2019 at 20:30:17 MDT

Third month in a row! Today, August 23rd, marks the birth-day of another Dream Girl Adventures character (Kamadem, the jewel-tone imp on the left). Tomorrow will mark the birth-day of his twin brother, Summer Rain (the pastel wolf thing on the right), who was born 3 seconds after Kamadem, but the 2nd second happened to be the stroke of mid-night, August 24th.

I'm not feeling good these days and completely forgot about these characters until now, so I didn't have time to make a colored pencil illustration, like I usually do. Fortunately, I had created this pixel art of their almost-final* designs months before.

When I think about it, I'm actually kind of glad I posted this instead, because it's a cool way of showing off how the characters will be drawn in the actual books--Mini's dreams are drawn in pixel art due to her love of retro video games!

*Since the original creation of this pixel art, Summer Rain's hair-style changed to something curly and angel-like, and his wings now have a more splayed-out shape, while Kamadem gained some up-turned cheek fluffs. The rest is 100% finalized.

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