Mairead May-read Mairead by ekakinomi-art

Mairead May-read Mairead


6 April 2017 at 22:45:53 MDT

My fursona! Mairead is an out-going-but-sensitive panuki (lesser panda/tanuki hybrid) with a positive attitude, quirky interests, a high self-esteem and a passion for helping the less fortunate. She's a talented artist, crafter and musician who also practices witch-craft, and can achieve limited magical abilities via various enchanted pendants that she keeps in the little pouch on her belt and wears on her matching choker. Her most prominent one is a stylized green leaf which gives her moderate shape-shifting abilities (she can change her shape to look like anything or anyone, but lacks the abilities and skills that each thing or person is usually known for. For example: if she turned into a bird, she could fly, but not very high or far). She is also very fashionable, as you can see. ;.3

This will be my first submission (obviously). It was originally made to be my introduction picture for my WordPress blog, so I drew my fursona, in a pose that fits her personality, with an also-fitting aesthetic that shows off all of her (and my) various talents. And with that being said, you'd probably agree with me that it makes a very good introduction picture for Weasyl as well!

I hope you enjoy. =^U^=

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    Wait, you've changed Mag's species to a Panda/Tanuki hybrid?