[by Emily L'Orange] Delighted to meet you by economicsbat

[by Emily L'Orange] Delighted to meet you


7 September 2019 at 21:15:36 MDT

Hey! One of the coolest things about bats is that they hang upside-down. The evolutionary reasons for this are pretty neat -- it's a consequence of other adaptations they have. Bats are slow fliers compared to birds and their wings don't generate much lift. This sleeping posture also enables bats to escape quickly when threatened.

Bats in nature tend to abandon their colonies after an invasion. This means they have an uneasy detente with birds of prey, who, rather than raiding the nest, lurk outside for a guaranteed meal of two or three each night. This arrangement solidifies over time -- because the byproducts of bats' digestion include toxic ammonia, extremely large roosts such as Bracken Cave in Texas are practically uninhabitable to non-bats. A human interloper would be choking and gasping within seconds, and dead within minutes. (This is no joke!)

Of course, this big hungry vampire bat hanging upside-down in your closet has nowhere to flee, even if it is uniquely suited to. Maybe it's pleased! Or maybe this grin has the purpose of saving face.

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