[by plaguedaemon] Lineart, original dark variant by economicsbat

[by plaguedaemon] Lineart, original dark variant


7 September 2019 at 19:28:53 MDT

Hey! So after these first few commissions, I dumped a large number of details on plaguedaemon (who also made my earlier commission here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32900633/) and he designed this. This is a very early ref -- recent versions of Nyeogmi look somewhat different!

Remember: artists need attention. You should visit plaguedaemon's original uploads here. Interacting with an artist's social media is hugely useful in getting them placed higher in search results, things like that:

You can also follow plaguedaemon on DeviantArt or Patreon.

I also uploaded this image to FurAffinity here:

I ended up making a few recolors to iterate on the character's color scheme (ending up with two additional variants) but since I made those changes without plaguedaemon's permission, I don't think I will upload them here.