Red Fox Down - #WheresTheFurryTheme by Echte Sinte

Red Fox Down - #WheresTheFurryTheme

Echte Sinte

14 March 2016 at 12:11:18 MDT

Yuck! Something is seriously off, here! Did this Furry seriously bitch against Furries? Can we call this "Fur-Self-hatred"?

Echte Sinte belongs to me. :)

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I ask you:
Does this picture belong into a category called "fetish/furry specialty"? Because I really don't feel like I'm making fetish-art here... Not even "fetish/furry"-art - this is just (!) Furry art!
I (again) had to file this under "General Things/Miscellaneous"!

FA? Do you get this message? Get your themes straight!!

Hey Furaffinity #WheresTheFurryTheme ?