An Avalanche of Fuzzyness #WhereIsTheFurryTheme by Echte Sinte

An Avalanche of Fuzzyness #WhereIsTheFurryTheme

Echte Sinte

26 February 2016 at 12:22:25 MST

Foxy is thinking about the awesomeness yet to come. :3
Are there any distinct plans rattling around in that head of his?

Echte Sinte belongs to me. :)

My other stuff:

I ask you:
Does this picture belong into a category called "fetish/furry specialty"? Because I really don't feel like I'm making fetish-art here... Not even "fetish/furry" - it has simply nothing to do with fetishes!
I (again) had to file this under "General Things/Miscellaneous"!

FA? Do you get this message? Get your themes straight!!

Hey @Furaffinity #WheresTheFurryTheme ?