Gift: "This Gift Takes A Bit More Than it Gives..." - Page 1 by EccentricChimera

Gift: "This Gift Takes A Bit More Than it Gives..." - Page 1


27 December 2014 at 11:15:57 MST

And here's the first of my Belated Christmas Art, a few things that I wanted to have done by Christmas...but I was too focused on finishing that huge Christmas Raffle in time to work on.

First up is something new, a special gift sequence for   Redflare500. He seemed a bit upset, and since I can certainly understand how he feels about the whole "getting gift art-versus-giving gift art" thing, I decided to help out a bit. Plus, I got this awesome idea for a TF sequence that I just had to try out!

Here we have Tom opening up a very interesting present from me. Now, I can't say exactly where I got the magical entrapment rubber (cough cough Adelle...), but let's just say that it'll keep him nice and warm with his present for a while. Also squeezed flat and trapped for who knows how long. But then, I doubt he'll mind. XD

Keep up the good work, dude, and thanks for all the awesome art!