New character Time! Meet Adelle! by EccentricChimera

New character Time! Meet Adelle!


25 January 2014 at 09:35:41 MST

And now we return to more normal art, starting with a brand new character! As you can probably already tell, she's a vampire bat / witch, making her grand entrance just...a little late for Halloween. I came up with the idea for her back in October, but never acted on it until now...

Name: Adelle Avalone Bast

Age: 34 (or so she says...she might actually be much older than that.

Species: Vampire Bat

History: An very skilled and (mostly) benevolent sorceress, she's always the first one that Alex and Mia turn to whenever an magical threat is discovered. At first, she seems fun loving, bubbly and even a bit mischievous at times, but when a crisis arises, Adelle shows her true colors, quickly becoming serious and calculating in her plans. She's probably one of the few characters whose mind is sharp enough to directly match Alex in terms of intelligence and strategy.

And here's her sidekick, Victor:

Skills: A experienced sorceress with a huge collection of spells and research materials on nearly every creature in existence. This goes well with her near-photographic memory of details, which she can access at any time.

NOTES: Presumably, she temporarily removed her own bat wings via magic, most likely so she could wear that very awesome-looking cloak. :)

NOTE #2: Also, I just noticed...I seem to have a strange habit of drawing my female characters with only one eye showing...well, that seems a little weird... >_<; )

EDIT: I'd forgotten to add her bat ears, but fixed now! Thanks to   toonvasion for letting me know! :)


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    Love the design man, and it's always a treat reading in on the history of characters; her's is no exception!

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      Thanks! I'm glad you like her! She's going to appearing a lot more in the future, along with a few other new characters I haven't drawn yet!

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        Ooooh! Looking forward to it man, she seems like a blast haha!