The New Chimera is Here! Finally! by EccentricChimera

The New Chimera is Here! Finally!


25 January 2014 at 09:24:16 MST

And finally done is my new FA ID, the new updated version of my dragon-sona, Chimera! And below is a quick character profile for him, which I'll probably rewrite later on.

Names: EccentricChimera, Eccentric, Chimera, EC, Saishu

Species: Eastern Dragon / Genetic Chimera

Age: 27 years old

Species: Oriental Wind Dragon / Genetic Chimera (Born with recessive genes and DNA linking him to several other species, including human, through it's not always visually apparent.)

--Limited control over wind (which he normally uses to fly, attack, or lift nearby objects)

--Basic magical powers (simple object generation, low-level energy projectiles, etc. -- he doesn't use magic often, if at all),

--High sensory abilities (thanks to his whiskers, which can sense even the slightest shifting of air pressure or humidity up to within a 30 foot radius of his body, and his long ears, which can pick up sounds from far away).

--Limited shape-shifting abilities granted to him by his close friend and pet, Zakk, Chimera can temporary change his form into various shapes for attack or defense. Of course, because of the level of energy and stamina it takes for a non-tanuki to use tanuki abilities, Chimera uses this ability sparingly.

The top hat he wears originally belonged to a collector, an old eccentric who ran a hotel that sat along the town road, just a few miles from Chimera's childhood home. At a young age, Chimera would visit the old human, to see his collection of strange and interesting things gathered from all over the world. The young dragon's curiosity of the man's collection made them fast friends, which also sparked Chimera's interest in the strange and unusual. This ultimately set him on the path to become a explorer and collector himself, eventually traveling around the world in search of weird things that couldn't be explained.

The first item he gained was his top hat, given to him by the old eccentric as a gift, the first piece in his own collection. Then it was the scarf, a magic-imbued object he took that was one of his family's heirlooms for many years. Of course, Chimera never cared to actually learn how to use its magic; it was only the unusual nature of the item that caught his eye.

During his travels, Chimera often ran into danger, and though sheer luck usually favored him, he didn't escape from every threat unscathed. One such situation ended with him gaining a golden tail-ring, another strange item with a history of attracting strange happenings (and sometimes, bad luck) to its wearer. It also ended with him losing half of one whisker to a treasure hunter with a grudge. Even though Chimera escaped with treasure in hand, he quickly realized that the price he paid just wasn't worth it.

After that, Chimera decided that it was best to retire early, before he came to some untimely demise, or suffered another serious injury, during one of his item hunts. Most of the items he collected are hidden away in storage, but his favorite items, the top hat, scarf, gold ring, and a pair of gentleman gloves (which are made with a strange sort of material that somehow never tear), are still being used as part of his wardrobe to this day.

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