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Fur Affinity


Complex Painting

Bust or Halfbody Painting with Complex Background
€ 60.00
add  Additional Character
€ 25.00
add  Fullbody instead of Bust
€ 20.00

Simple Painting

Bust or Halfbody Painting with Simple Background
€ 40.00
add  Additional Character
€ 25.00
add  Fullbody instead of Bust
€ 20.00

Sketch with Single Colour

Bust or Halfbody Sketch with single color
€ 20.00
add  Additional Character
€ 10.00
add  Fullbody instead of Bust
€ 5.00

I'm offering Digital Watercolor Commissions - that means that my watercolours are produced with a software - the paintings do not exist physically (though I do offer traditional watercolors as well).

Since watercolor cannot be split in flat colors and shading I will not be able to offer different tiers.
Color is color.
Further I do not differentiate between Bust and Halfbody, but it is possible to get a fullbody for a little extra.

NSFW definitely possible, but please no extreme fetishes.
I do like to have a tasteful nude in my portfolio.

Request from my part:
I'd like to publish any painting done. Usually on channels like DA, reddit, twitter and several discord servers. If you're not comfortable with that, please let me know.

Backgrounds are split within the tiers itself:

Sketches do not have background - you get to choose between transparent, white or paper texture though.
-> Sketches come with a single colour included to show rough shading and add depth to muscles and physique
Simple Paintings come with a single-coloured background or white/transparent with a colour-splash
Complex Background include a scenery and the light/shadows according to it

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