Aya and Zea by dr-bored (critique requested)

Aya and Zea (critique requested)


10 May 2015 at 19:26:06 MDT


The Redesign of Aya and Zea is finally complete, and here's the result. Honestly, I didn't change much. They're still orange-eyed turquoise-haired black and white orca gals, but I did add the orange markings which I thought were pretty cool (read: weeaboo). Really it's their story that changed the most.

Before, they were genetically created love-slaves for a mad scientist, but they escaped and shit happened.

Now, they're orphaned orca runts that live on a tropical island and wear bikinis and swim and frolic all day. Much happier story. One that I hope to address very soon.

Anyway, it's available as a print and a download (it's 1920x1080 for wallpaper if you want) on my DA page: http://dr-bored.deviantart.com/art/Aya-and-Zea-532322649

Of course,

Aya and Zea © Dr. Bored, 2015


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    I find it interesting that Aya is apparently in the more provocative pose than Zea.

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    I've said it elsewhere, but I consider this a very nice reboot. I mean heck, who doesn't love some hot island girls?