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Patreon! Orca tits!

on 14 May 2015 at 17:17:13 MDT

Hey guys!

I'm pretty excited. I'm jazzed up actually. I finally have a first arc of a comic planned out, and I can't wait to start drawing it.

Unfortunately, I still need some help, and that's why I've turned to Patreon. I keep getting people asking me 'hey, do you take commissions? are you open for commissions?' and sadly, I just have to keep turning them down because I've got too much other crap on my plate.

Well, here's your chance. If you wanted a commission from me, I've put up a few slots at the same rate that I was charging for sketches anyway, plus, if the Patreon gets to a certain level, then I'll start doing raffles for full color commissions! On top of that, you'll be helping me free up time to put towards a comic, a sexy, fun comic that will feature my lovely orca twins, Aya and Zea!

And here it is:

Even if you can't support me, that's fine. Please let your friends know though. You have no idea how valuable word-of-mouth is, especially to a budding aquatic artist like myself. It's tough to reach that target audience, so if you can tell people about my work, please do!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you consider supporting me in my quest to draw more orca boobs!

-Dr. Bored

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    Thanks for the FOLLOW~ XD ♪♫

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    Hnnnnngh, thanks for the Follow!

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    Thanks for the follow~!

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    cant wait for Weasyl to bombard me with pictures i've already seen if you move your gallery here

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      I'll only be posting the last year's worth of stuff or so. I'm not going all the way back :P

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