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Deadline for Tehshii contest in eight hours.

on 18 September 2017 at 15:23:57 MDT

Okay, so the official deadline for the contest is midnight tonight, which is exactly eight hours from now,
If you have a WIP and need a few extra days to finish it, let me know either here, or in notes, I have no issue extending the deadline for a few days if I know people are working on something.

There's four...five...SIX entrants right now, which ish not only flooring me, but also means the first place will get a fully shaded drawing, and the second place will get a flat color drawing, with third place getting a colored linework sketch!

To anyone who's entered, I'm trying to avoid commenting on the submissions until I decide the winners, but the quality of the drawings ish so high, I'm having to hold back, lol. Thank you guys so much~

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