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I am the NSFW gay comic creator of The Costume Shop, Kid Quicksand, Funhouse Of Frights, The Only Gay Human In Space, Alex In Wonderland, and many more!

Likes: oral vore, cock vore, anal vore, absorption, slime, quicksand, tentacles, belly maws, tail vore, feet, socks, musk, underarms, body worship, muscles, bellies, gay stuff, inflation, furries, fursuits, transformation, costumes or suits, rubber, bondage, coiling, light constrictions, snakes, nagas, werewolves, etc.

Dislikes: Death, digestion, blood, violence

Latest Journal

Sketches! New Books! Downloads! Vore Comics

First thing is first, hello! If you're new here, I hope you've been enjoying my comics and weird vore stuff, and the full upload of The Costume Shop Chapter 5: Cake Wars. I spent about 5 years working on that one series, so I'm glad it's done and fully up.

I'll be doing a sketch commission stream on Saturday starting early in the morning and running into the night. I'll be doing the usual wheel of randomness to pick who to draw for next. Be sure to come with your idea ready or fill it out ahead of time at In case I don't get to you, then I can always pick up your comm anytime later.
The stream will be on Picarto!

I sell physical books and merch over on my store! And right now a bunch of things are on sale, as low as $1 CAD to $5 CAD. I have Vore and Quicksand Enamel Pins that look amazing, physical artbooks that include digital downloads, and eBooks too!
Go check it out:

Also, all of the individual bonus comics, the spicy NSFW 18+ ones, are buy 2 get 1 free. They are all $1.50 CAD and some are multiple pages too. If you ever wanted to see more hot and humid comics, now is a good time to download a bunch!
Check those out:

In case you missed it, I made a new rhyming vore story with illustrations called The Voremalump Halloween. Picture if the Cat In The Hat showed up and started voring a bunch of people in costume.
Now imagine it's real, look at a preview here:

I'll also be putting out THREE new eBooks of my past comics, commissions, artwork, bonus comics, NSFW comics, etc, next month, and I'll be delivering a big disocunt code around that time. So feed your email to the newsletter monster and he'll give you something good in December:

As usual, all of this is on Patreon. You can read hundreds of my NSFW comics, see WIP's of everything I'm working on, vote for the characters and vore for the next monthly bonus comic, download a bunch of those eBooks, and get guaranteed commissions monthly!

A lot more stuff is going to be uploaded regularly here so stay tuned! Be sure to comment on the things you like! I love getting feedback and seeing what people's favorite things are!

Also since social media things are weird and funny here are links to all my stuff everywhere! Telegram is honestly the best, cause you get a notification of just a finished comic or piece of art without having to wade through algorythmns or galleries.


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