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Like What You See? by DrakeBigShep (critique requested)

Like What You See? (critique requested)


14 September 2017 at 22:08:45 MDT

The dog grabs his love handle with one hand while he lays the other over top as if trying to emphasize the size of the mountainous orb of lard that he called a gut. "Man it's so big and round and heavy and hungry and I love it. Come closer, feel just how soft it is!"

The mesmerizing wobbling of it as he shook it about like a furry browl pendulum. You couldn't help but me compelled to sink your hand into that much warm, soft fat. As you pressed against it your hand easily sank deep into the thick layer of pudge. "Soft and warm isn't it? So what do you say to helping me make this monster bigger and softer? It's getting close to lunch time." he said as he eyed the kitchen with a lick of his lips and a growl from his stomach.

He put his massive, baseball-mitt like hand on your back and guided you to the kitchen with him, eager to indulge in his favorite pastime- stuffing himself with enough food to feed an army.

Dedicated to all you eager chubby chasers and feeders, wouldn't be this big without your encouragement and dedication to making bellies bigger~

art and character are © myself

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