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Bulking up for the winter by DrakeBigShep (critique requested)

Bulking up for the winter (critique requested)


14 September 2017 at 22:13:28 MDT

A deep, gutteral belch could be heard across the hall, loud enough that it shook the very walls of the home itself. You get curious and go to check it out only to find a monstrously fat bear sitting on the floor of your roommate's room. He was your neighbor, usually very calm and reserved in demeanor, but this time had a sadistic, pleased smile across his muzzle. His massive gut was bouncing and wriggling. you could only guess it was your roommate as the bear cut you a sinister smirk. "Get to the kitchen. I don't know what's come over me but this monster needs to be filled. NOW. Unless, of course, you'd rather join your little friend." He snapped.

You have no idea what's come over your normally very quiet neighbor but maybe it's best you listen to him should you suffer the same fate as his previous meal... It's going to be a long bulking season before he hibernates..

It's not often I use Baron for vore but.. I jsut felt bears need to glut every now and then. Enjoy and hope that you can keep him satisfied for a while.

artwork and character are © myself

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