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Comm: SC OCs Ner'zhul and Silvestre by DragonLavinia

Comm: SC OCs Ner'zhul and Silvestre


12 March 2017 at 09:18:05 MDT

Commission for MisterMathio on DA of his Starcraft ocs Ner'Zhul the protoss and Silvestre the mutated Hydralisk.

Been a while since I dug my hands into Sarcraft. I love this series, but it's more purely for the designs... I was never good at real time strategy games, and I am still not tho I wish I could be just to play the games... oh well, maybe someday.
Made my own SC oc a few years ago... its total shit, I barely understood the concept of starcraft and how to design charas for it back then... But this is netiher here or then.
The point is, these ocs came off way better. To the left is a supposedly disguised protoss, Ner'zhul, and to the right it's the Hydralisk Silvestre who also has an ability to turn into a zerg dragon. Yeah.
All modifications, anatomy and designs have been described by the commissioner, so yeah. Das all that about I know.

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Starcraft, Zerg and Protoss (c) Blizzard
Ner'Zhul and Silvestre (c) MisterMathio ON da
Art (c) me!

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