Z-P/Comm: Xena redesign by DragonLavinia (critique requested)

Z-P/Comm: Xena redesign (critique requested)


13 January 2017 at 17:17:13 MST

Commission for AtlasBone of her character Xena, redesigned.

Technically I didn;'t do much since she already has a Hazard redesign, which I mainly used for the Symbiote and Fusion design. The human also didnt change much besides getting a new outfit. I wanted to keep in Xena's new more... zen? Outfit mixed with her old rocker style too however.
I beefed up Symbiote Xena and added a hell lot more plating, because Xena was always more about being this immovable wall than actually being fast or stealthy. But she's still not as tanky as Cabal, still has some maneuvrability.
The fusion however.. have me some trouble. I thought I knew what I wanted for it but... ZP fusions aren't like digimon, you can't just excuse certain parts of the body being too tiny in comparasion because it would loose it's effectiveness and reach, since they don't get magic powers to back those issues up.
I wanted the fusion to be strong, yet still remain freaky and dual, showing Xena and Hazard's clash, but also the screwed up acceptance. I think it worked, the Fusion now covers powerhouse with the lower set of jaws and multiple feet to help in the marching and crushing of this giant usingh its lower jaws, while the upper torso is reserved for smaller targets and backup control (the upper torso can straighten up, offering perfect back coverage). But also the back now offers basically a death trap considering the fact that the upper torso can grab people from behind and spear them in the rugged crest.
Anyways enjoy!

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