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Macro Tyler March #9 - Controlled Growth by Dragonien

Macro Tyler March #9 - Controlled Growth


This short is 3,000 words of Tyler using an easily abused growth trigger multiple times to get a little bit of petty revenge on David that rapidly spirals out of control.

Tyler has been the shortest person he knew for almost his entire life. By after discovering an inexplicable growth trigger that causes him to double in size every time he says "bigger", he doesn't hesitate to use his new size against David who gives him the perfect opportunity to say it a few more times...

I will be releasing these stories one at a time every few day. Each story ranges from 2,000 to 6,000 words. If you'd like to get access to all 27 stories (Which is a total of 73,000 words of macro/micro themed goodness!) right now, consider supporting me on patreon. All current patrons have immediate access to the entire catalogue of Macro Tyler March stories for 2023, as well as many other exclusive and early-access bits of writing and other content like the Choose Your Own Adventure story Tyler and the rest of the cast for these stories are from!

Amazing artwork of Tyler used in the thumbnail provided by Vero ( )

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I could never have gotten this far without the encouragement of my supporters and readers. You all are what keeps me going and makes this work fulfilling for me.

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