Growing with Friends 3/4 by Dragonien

Growing with Friends 3/4


8 April 2019 at 13:38:37 MDT

Gnarl is a super fun person to hang around with, I just love them to pieces <3.

Though sometimes they can be a bit devious... Which, admittedly I usually never have much reason to complain about.

I mean, I haven't changed my diet that much and look at how much weight I've been putting on this winter! Makes a guy wonder if a certain cat was putting something unnatural in my food. I'd say that Gnarl's expression looks pretty guilty but i can't even really see it anymore past this gut!

Sorry, Spike. I didn't want to miss movie night but, uh... your door kinda shrank a bit. By the way do you uh... you got anything to eat?

Comic artwork by Eon54 (! Make sure to check out their other works!
The adorable cat that I totally have dibs on is Gnarl (
The cutie-patootie dinosaur there muffin-topping over his own pants is Spike (

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