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Trucy Wright (Rough sketch) by Dragon-Firy

Trucy Wright (Rough sketch)


24 June 2017 at 15:36:41 MDT

Phew.. What a week I had!
I went out almost every single day! I'm now a tutor in my university, which means I'll help newcomers out choosing their path after high school! I'll get paid when everything will be done :3
Also, I tried to took some photos of the Milky way. Unfortunely, I wasnt able to took a single decent shot and every file was corrupted D: shame.

Then I proceeded to prepare a presentation for another exam, that deleted itself after another corruption error -.-" I wasn't ready for this. And I must solve it as soon as I can... Not sure if I'll pass this exam, tho. Sigh...

Enough complaining. I picked up PW:AA after a monthly break.. And guess who I sketched? That's right.. Trucy! At first, I didn't appreciate this jolly, bright magician, especially when I accidentally played AJ right after finishing the first chapter of PW (For Nintendo ds). Upon playing everything in the right order, I grew close to Trucy's character.. So here she is, in all of her roughness! I took 5 minutes flat to sketch her, and will definitely transfer this one to a Copic sheet - She'll be my first human character done with my alcohol markers. Yay! I'm excited :3

Trucy Wright (c) Gyakuten Saiban (aka Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney)
PW:AA (c) Capcom

I don't own anything besides my artwork! Character doesn't belong to me!

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