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Feral Morgana + Selfie! by Dragon-Firy

Feral Morgana + Selfie!


A little updated version of Feral Morgana bunny + a new sketch born just yesterday.

Since you already know 'bout the first one, let's focus on those dragons, shall we?

So... Here's me and a friend of mine during a "selfie" :3 I sketched it yesterday on the bus. And oh, there's a story behind it!
About a month ago, he asked me: "Do a selfie, Pearl" and "Let's do a selfie together!". Each time we forgot or I "forgot" to remind him. Not that I'd like a photo together. They're memories that I'd like to put in an album someday. I never had the possibility with my now ex fiancé, which was... Painful. Not a single photo together until we parted our ways... A bruise that hurts me more than it should. We never had an easy relationship, and we held strong until the end. We parted pacifically, still.. Sometimes, I miss those lazy days spent together, planting, sewing or just resting.
But... Let's not vent, now. Back on topic... I took a selfie unmasked with my lady Inquisitor Michi (A dear friend of mine, cosplaying the Inquisitor from Dragon Age Inquisition. I was Sans as usual XD), and.. This friend asked me again for a selfie with me. :°) Oookay...

So that's what I sent him. :D Not really what he meant, but.. "Still a selfie." :)