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A Dragon's Prayer by Doran Eirok

A Dragon's Prayer

A Dragon's Prayer
by Doran Eirok

Great Mother, hear your child
I call to you from near and far
In all ages of my life and all parts of my being
Watch over your humble child in whatever skies life finds me.

I am curled in the egg, and my world is safe yet small
I long for the freedom of new air even as I fear it
Grant me please your shining curiousity
So that my heart may inspire me to climb ever higher.

I am a hatchling, sheltered beneath your protective wings
But soon I must venture out and greet the world on my own
Impart to me your radiant courage as I go forth
So that my paws may take me into the unknown without faltering.

I am grown and capable, bold with the strength you have taught me
But I am far from home and distant skies lie beneath my wings
Remember your child and offer me your ageless wisdom
So that my wings remain steady and my course true.

I am grey and solid with age
Shining brightly still yet weary beneath the weight of my years
Teach me your unassailable serenity, Great Mother
So that my grace might act as a mirror to your own.

A Dragon's Prayer

Doran Eirok

I don't show it much, but I consider myself a very spiritual person. That spirituality takes an awkward form, and when asked my religious affiliation I tend to respond with 'eclectic.' I go through my life with an open mind, finding meaning and inspiration wherever it happens to come from, and I have a great deal of respect for any and all faiths. In my own belief, it simply makes no sense to me that there should only be one correct path to the creative and loving divinity at the heart of all things, with all other ones being somehow wrong or misguided. God wears many faces, and our relationship with him/her/it/them is a very personal and changeable thing, to me. As such, I feel that all faiths have wonderful teachings, stories, traditions and perspectives that we can learn a great deal from.

I must stress that this is only my own personal perspective. Faith is a very polarising thing to discuss, so for those readers who feel differently, please believe me when I say that I intend no disrespect to anyone. This is just a little piece of me, like any other creative work I post.

In any case, while this spiritual eclecticism has its advantages, it has the downside of leaving one without a solid structure or framework to build on. There's something very powerful and deep about ritual and tradition that I tend to miss out on with my approach. Lately my emotional state has been rather up and down, and it struck me that I was perhaps feeling that absence, wanting for something defined that my faith could be anchored to, however tentatively. So I decided to try writing a prayer.

I will not pretend that it's anything amazing or suggest that the words will speak to anyone else the way they do to me, but I like to think it holds together reasonably well in a thematic sense. And most of all, I think it serves its purpose for me.

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