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Walking Storm by Doran Eirok

Walking Storm

Doran Eirok

12 January 2021 at 11:10:15 MST

Cover art for a Star Wars fan fiction story by my friend Shalmendo entitled 'Walking Storm' ( It's one of several in a series we've worked on together, featuring his mercenary character Shalmendo and my own character Iri Keltesh, as the pair team up to do a series of investigative freelance jobs for the budding New Republic after the fall of the Empire. In Walking Storm (chronologically the third of Shalmendo's stories and the fourth overall) the pair explore a derelict Imperial research base and slowly uncover an abandoned weapons project. Despite its abandonment, however, the base and project prove to still present some risks and horrors...

Had a lot of fun experimenting with the creepy lighting and shadows on this one!

For the interested, my own story that introduces my character Iri and is set chronologically first is available here: and the first of Shalmendo's stories, 'Finding Iri', is available here: