Dorey Telegram stickers by Doran Eirok

Dorey Telegram stickers

Doran Eirok

2 May 2019 at 04:19:40 MDT

This is an assortment of Telegram stickers I've drawn for myself over the past several months. I've mostly been taking it pretty easy on the art front, trying to build up my confidence and decide what level of refinement I'm content with, but since these are all small drawings just for my own use it limits my potential anxiety over them. They can just be however good they end up being without the pressure of trying to live up to anyone else's expectations. My ink lines can be as scratcy as I want, dangit.

Doreys do many things on Telegram. They happyblush, nod in agreement with you, pounce and playfully nompf on your head, give you big warm fluffy hugs, wave hello, perch on top of you, rest their chin on your desk and make small inquisitive snoofs, sit on the floor and stare at your nice paws, wear cool shades and just do their own thing, catch a riiiiiiide on a space shuttle, and make tired science noises after a long day of work.

For the time being I remain closed to commissions, and even if and when I open back up at some point I'm afraid I don't intend to take Telegram sticker commissions. Even as small and relatively casual as these drawings are, they still take me a fair bit of time and effort to do, so if you're in the market for custom Telegram stickers there are probably many artists out there with a much more refined and efficient process for doing them in a timely and affordable manner. But we can only see where the future takes us.

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