Noodle Doran by Doran Eirok

Noodle Doran

Doran Eirok

14 August 2018 at 11:51:18 MDT

I've been invited to attend a scientific conference in Shanghai, China at the start of next month as part of my work. I am tremendously excited for this! Even though it'll only be for a few days and the vast majority of my time will be spent in a hotel conference room, it's still... China. So I'm pretty geeked for this.

Given my enjoyment of alternate versions or forms of the Dorey dragon, often with environmental transformation triggers, drawing myself up as an eastern noodle dragon seemed like an obvious way to celebrate this. So here I am, in all my wiggly glory!

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    I dunno why I put off looking at this one here for so long....
    Seeing it now is like turning around, looking behind me, and seeing how far into the haze I've been walking a rocky trail all up and down a continuing mountain range all the way for scores of miles.

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      It's an odd thing looking back on this piece now, having made it before Shanghai with all the excitement I had for the trip, and then having things go as they did. It really makes it stand out, how far things have come since then!