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Gooey Hugs by Doran Eirok

Gooey Hugs

Doran Eirok

A birthday gift for my friend Amber, featuring myself giving her a friendly birthday hug. Also I appear to be doing that 'goo' thing here for some reason. I dunno, strange transformationy things happen around her, I just roll with it.

...Yeah okay it's kind of fun and compelling. Even if hugging people occasionally leaves them needing a towel or something...

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    I have to wonder how creatures made of goo, ink, or any other sort of viscous, semi-liquid substance never run out of material to make themselves with. Is it self-regeneration? Taking from the world around them?

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      I imagine it depends on the critter! I suppose they'd need to ingest food or material of some sort every now and then to restructure it into more of their own substance to make up for losses... however any sort of metabolism works, there's a simple matter of mass balance to be maintained if one assumes they lose material over time. Need to get it back from somewhere, otherwise your goo critter just gets smaller and smaller.
      Although that all pretty quickly gets theoretical anyway, if you start thinking about how such a creature metabolises energy from various sources and converts it into their own matter, how they move, how they maintain consciousness and intelligence, etc... hehe. Fun to ponder a bit though!

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        Indeed! I like to think that certain goo creatures have a chemical in their substance that allows it to multiply in amounts such as bacteria do. But that is just a theory that I came up with off the top of my head. Hehe! ^^

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          It's as good as any! ^^