First of its Kind by Doran Eirok

First of its Kind

Doran Eirok

19 September 2017 at 07:04:20 MDT

A tribute to the lovable characters and rich storytelling of the video game 'Angels with Scaly Wings', which has recently caused all of my emotions to explode. The game really drew me in and playing was an incredibly moving experience for me, so some fanart was necessary.

My hope is that this image doesn't show anything spoilery, but that those who have played the game to completion will understand and appreciate what they're looking at here.

Seriously, this game is a thing of beauty and has made me care more about a group of fictional characters more than possibly anything else I've encountered in my life. It gets a very big and very shiny Dorey Pawprint of Approval.

The game's official page is here, for those interested:

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    9.8/10 game

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      Sounds pretty fair to me! I really loved it. :)

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    Angels With Scaly Wings reminds me of a time when Video games use to be really emotional. Hey You Pikachu, Pokemon Channel, Spyro The Dragon. It felt like you were on an adventure. This one reminds me so much of a mix between Hey You Pikachu and Pokemon Channel but in story form and not so much of a life simulation game (Which is my favorite video game genres in the world). But I once told someone in the comments months ago, this game reminds me so much of the past memories of when I would found really emotional stories. "Dragon Transformation Chapter 15" "Story of Cubone" "Life With Lugia". Really brought me back to those times. =3

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      That's really neat. :) Yeah, playing this game just drew me in emotionally so much and made me feel things more deeply than any game or book or film has in a really long time. It was really neat being made to feel things that deeply again, and it feels like it's really left an impact on my heart for it. :)

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        It's sad to see everything else not have that. The Evil Within was the only thing that would jump scare me throughout the whole game and the story was perfect. The same can be said with this game, though more on the emotional and personal connection side than horror. But video games, movies, and tv shows, seriously, those nowadays aren't entertainment I would watch.

        Seriously, I had more interesting movies created in my head as a kid then what's pumping out in Hollywood or even major film companies would have.

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          Yeah... you can really have to search more than you'd want to have to find stories with that kind of depth and connection these days.