Lynel - Warmup Sketch by Dook (critique requested)

Lynel - Warmup Sketch (critique requested)


17 May 2017 at 15:31:14 MDT

Albeit some anatomy issues I am fairly pleased with this warmup sketch based on the Lynels from Zelda Breath of the Wild

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    I think what I like about this picture is that it made me think of one of my favorite RPG franchises, Etrian Odyssey with the fourth part of the series introducing lion warriors as a playable character option. Looking closely and seeing this is a chimera-esque centaur, I think it makes the piece more interesting.

    I notice here the shading appears much simpler than your River Song crossplay sketch at first. I don't know if I think it works for this pic or not but I can tell you I am really glad both pieces have that rough sketchy outline. It just feels right when you do it and I hope to improve on my lineart just by looking at it.

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      Well glad you enjoy the loose shading but somewhat refined pencil sketches... I generally start with a rough layout for the pose before building things out. This is just how I tend to sketch both traditionally & digitally... having a rough idea of where I want to have lighting when I take something to fully rendered/colored. Thank you very much for your kind words, and hope you enjoy studying.

      One of my favorite quotes: Good artists copy... great artists steal. And one of my instructors always said... Art is not about getting better... it is about sucking less. (Because most are always critical of themselves/their work)

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        Thanks for the kind words on your end as well! 8)

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    Dude this looks awesome, the lines, anatomy and shading are very nicely done.

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      Thanks... I'm still kind of new to drawing taur characters... so I know there's a bit of anatomical issues to sort out and improve on... :3

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        The only thing I would suggest is making the legs larger and giving some separation between the quads and the calfs.