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Auction: Pastel Crested Dog Adopt (CLOSED) by DolciSprinkles

Auction: Pastel Crested Dog Adopt (CLOSED)


I've had this idea for a cute Chinese Crested dog character, especially since they are commonly seen as an "ugly dog," and that just gave me more motivation to design this cutie. Originally this was just going to be the front view & moodboard but decided to make a full ref since I just fell in love with the design. ♡♡♡

Owner: maximusgrowler @ DA

Optional: I can also add gender/pronouns to the ref if you want.

Please no comments complaining about the price. I put in a lot of time to designing this character & the ref sheet.

✦♡✦ Rules ✦♡✦
Starting Bid: $70
Minimum Increase: $2
Auction End: Sat. Jan. 27th @ 8:00 PM MST
• If you bid $100 or more, I'll be happy to make you an icon for this character. Example links will be below. ❤

How to Buy
To bid please reply to my comment below or the current highest bidder.
Payments will be completed through PayPal only! If you win, you will have to send me a note with your paypal address so I can send you the invoice.

You're allowed to choose/change: name, gender and minor tweaks of the design.
• Please credit me for the design.
• Winner will receive the ref without the watermark.
You can trade or resell the design (just for a lower price than you paid).

I will be posting this on other sites as wel, so I will make sure to update current bids.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and bid fairly~ ♥♥♥

★★★ Icon Examples ★★★

★★★ Other Sites Auction links ★★★

Art & Image © Me


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    Reply here to bid ❤

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    man, your designs are always so excellent !

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    I love them!! good to hear they went to a good home +o+