Attract: 02 by Dmitry

Attract: 02


17 February 2016 at 13:47:59 MST

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Page #2

Here is page 2 finally, sorry it took so long. I've been incredibly busy with life lately and to be completely honest, I hardly make any money from furry art, so it's not my top priority. I've been doing comics for over 4 months now and I haven't seen any real increase in followers or commissions at all. If that changes I'll be more than happy to make it a higher priority.

Don't forget about donations for bonus pages (explained below!)

I'm taking donations instead of patreon now. If I get $10 (from one or multiple people) I'll post an extra page and move the story along faster! If one person decides to donate $10 total, I'll give them a sketch commission as well, just leave your username.
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