Mystery Foot #1 by djonskin

Mystery Foot #1


3 May 2018 at 12:40:17 MDT

This one, I'm sorry to say, isn't actually much of a mystery, as it may be titled; it's been floating around the web for a while now, I just grayed it up and cropped it. BUUUUT, for those who don't follow the escapades of me and ToonPimp, (who I presume to be many, not to say anything major) then you are in the dark about this particular foot! And whether you are or not, both parties can have this slab of 'music' (or wall of noise?).

Anyways, sound off in the comments who you believe to the foot in the cover image to belong to! Although, I believe this one may have the quickest answer to date. Keep tuned in, regardless, to Podophiliac Game Union for more feet/pods similar to this one!

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