Existential Meltdown (Napkin Drawling) by djonskin

Existential Meltdown (Napkin Drawling)


17 February 2018 at 12:43:49 MST

This was reworked digitally from a snapshot I took from a Nikon E900 from a napkin, then plastered over another actual snapshot I took elsewhere (a booze store.) Denver cityscapes rule. If anybody's got a thing against napkin drawings, they can blow me, especially (in general) the mods of every furry site besides FA who think they're running an Indiana Jones lost relic museum, truly believing that they're the sole curators of quality content. We know that credibility is thrown out the window just via the fact that MLP is a thing that continues to be perpetuated universally. Give me some rough sketches over TV quality Flash animation lack of linework and supertweens any day.

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