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Let the Clouds Take Me by Disidi

Let the Clouds Take Me


Because I don't want to watch my world die.

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    the sharp and crystalline nature of the shading/colors of the being on the bottom is something I will be studying!

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      I'm pretty scribbly and weird with my colours, but I'm glad you find it interesting! :D

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    Real emotional piece. Even if the Ministry was suppose to be the 'bad guy' of the setting, can't help but feel for those like him in some way.

    Ugh, seeing things like this renew the hate for myself for not joining the setting when I had the chance way back when. XD

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      It was interesting to get into the mindset. More interesting for me than the outer class for sure; they had a unique set of morals that were built up over generations of persecution and (as far as they experienced) they truly did find their salvation in Unity. And being a protector of that salvation was a great honour and duty for them. :C

      It's okay. The setting itself (as in, the OOC) was not the best. Not much went on on the day to day. The fluff and lore is still interesting to me though.

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        As it is to me. I had found the site a long time ago but never got into it (Was intimidating to me back then), and recently remembered it when Sula posted some old artwork. Was a tad ecstatic to find out the main site had been archived by and spent a bit of time pouring over it once more. I had wondered why I could never find it, and learned it had closed around 2011. Much sad was had, that's for sure.