Sornal Reference Sheet by DimeSpin

Sornal Reference Sheet


12 August 2015 at 13:00:02 MDT

Sornal had never to my knowledge had a reference sheet, so I decided it was about time I made one.


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    SORNAL! I have always loved this character MUCH MORE THAT I WANT TO ADMIT BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO SEEM CREEPY. What happened to his gorgeous locks though? D:

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      Aw thank you!

      I decided to remove them so he'd have a clearer silhouette - I'm considering keeping them on him when he's a kid though. Poor guy, I put him through so much and then I have the audacity to make him go bald before 30.

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    Very original character! beautiful design. i love the teeth

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    Why are all your characters and ideas SO GOOD. I swear you're the queen of wise words and character designs! Lots of interesting features on this guy!

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    Love the character design. Where can we learn more about him, his background story?

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      Thank you! Bits and pieces of his backstory have come out on my tumblr in his tag, and I also answer questions about it whenever anyone asks - for now I haven't finished writing his story yet, let alone put it anywhere online. Working on it though!

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    Oooh, nice! Part of me misses the greasy tangled curly locks, but another part of me loves the now-visible naked wrinkly vulture it's a wash.

    Your character designs are all delightful, and always have been......

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    He looks like a lovely fellow.

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    I applaud your continuing attempts [and overall success] at working on your headworld. Retconing a character can be really difficult, but everyone I've seen that you've done so far looks the better for it! Particularly Sornal here, he was already a very distinct character in the sea of characters on the internet but this makes him stand out all the more, particularly from his own family [at least from what I can remember].