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I run on anxiety. I draw a lot of monsters and aliens. I don't know what my sona is, but he is fluffy and full of honey and that's all that matters.

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I had to drop the gingerdeity name from everything due to it now having bad vibes for me. The person who gave it to me showed themselves to me as really transphobic and homophobic. And really toxic, and I just would rather not deal with that garbage fire of a situation.
so now everything, but this, is Sailor Star Bones. Diabolicat is fine with me because it started as a joke.

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1: Headshot to Full Body

1: Sketch/Lineart
from £ 14.00
to £ 70.00
2: Flat Colour
from £ 29.00
to £ 87.00
3: Shaded
from £ 58.00
to £ 145.00
4: Nsfw
from £ 203.00
to £ 493.00
add  additional Character/items
from £ 0.50
to £ 5.00

2: Reference

Expressions only, 6 to 18
from £ 42.00
to £ 140.00
from 2 or 3 of the character to 8 and higher
from £ 56.00
to £ 224.00

3: Full Piece

1: Smalls (chibi to toy-like characters and low detailed back/foregrounds)
from £ 28.00
to £ 70.00
2: Banners
from £ 56.00
to £ 238.00
3: Scenery to Action: sfw
from £ 116.00
to £ 348.00
4: Naturalistic (no back/foreground)
from £ 145.00
to £ 248.00
5: Naturalistic (full piece)
from £ 219.00
to £ 496.00
6: Nsfw
from £ 464.00
to £ 986.00


head to full
from £ 14.00
to £ 42.00


  • Half first, rest when finished is preferred. But I am aware that it is not always possible so payment plans can be made so it's more manageable bites than the whole price of some.
  • Must be open to discussion through notes, email, or dms.

Will Do's
-Fan-made characters
-Robots/Mechs (excluding naturalistic right now)
-Game Characters/Interpretations of Game Characters
-Self insert Ships
-WoW OCs
-Customized Characters

Won't Do's:
-Undertale (may be discussed at a later time)
-Incest ships
-Hate Art
-Steven Universe
-piss, scat, diaper kink, vomit
-Wonder Bread

(traditional pieces will need some sort of mailing address unless you do not want the full copy and just the photo)
Payments: PayPal, CashApp, Ko-fi, Amazon Card Codes, and Steam cards/games.
Preferably Paypal, Ko-fi, and CashApp.
Disclaimer: I may take time to complete commissions due to my health, both physical and mental, being out of whack. They will be finished.

Those on my patreon and/or discord servers will get discounts on commissions.

-Discord links must be asked for, for they are temporary links I will give-



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