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Skyshadow's Atlanta: Water Landing by Dharken

Skyshadow's Atlanta: Water Landing


Skyshadow's space shuttle aeromorph lady Atlanta enjoys a gentle ride over the waves on an inflatible 747 just like her larger machine counterparts do through the air.

This is the final color version of the piece started with this sketch: and refined here before being colored:

Atlanta was a lot of fun to work on, especially after the resketch where I felt she had much more personality. I have experience working with fairly monochromatic characters but tried a couple of different technique to give Atlanta a greater sense of life. I worked with two different palettes of grays, warm (on Atlanta) and cool (on the 747 and background) and added a couple more colors to Atlanta herself to make her pop and warm her up just a bit more. So here she is in color Skyshadow, I hope you like how she turned out.

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    This is beautiful!

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    I know I said it before, but the textures on this are just wonderful. She looks so lifelike and just... Cuddleable! Now, where did I put that two-person raft of mine...

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    This turned out wonderful! You did suberbly with how monochromatic she is! I really need to draw you something in return soon. :D

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      I'm so glad you like how she turned out. It took quite a while to get her looking like this but hearing that you like her makes it worthwhile.

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    Love it! <3