Night in the Woods - Another Day at the Ol' Pickaxe by Dharken

Night in the Woods - Another Day at the Ol' Pickaxe


24 April 2017 at 19:27:40 MDT

Here's a fan art sketch I've done of Beatrice Santello, the seeminly chain-smoking, hard-working, cynical crocodilian from the independent game, Night in the Woods. Over several weekends, I watched Zera Stormfire ( ) play this amazing game that's more like an interactive world and story. Zera spent most of the game hanging out with Bea so those of us watching got to see her character develop a lot more than the others. Beyond this though, I felt like I could really relate to Bea and her life more than I could any of the others - how she was the most responsible, putting aside her dreams to take care of her father and the store after her mother's death, and how that and other related circumstances wore her down. Even if I couldn't relate to many of the exact circumstances, I could relate do how they made her feel.

Anyway, here's the first art I've managed to do in quite a while. It was quite a struggle getting her on paper, then to add a bit of gray tone so she wouldn't be so bland. I'd like to color her but don't know when (if?) that'll be happening.