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[COM] Next-Gen Swat Kats: Fire-Duo by DexterLion

[COM] Next-Gen Swat Kats: Fire-Duo


28 June 2019 at 18:37:13 MDT

May evil-doers beware, quake in fear, run in terror, whatever ya gotta do. There’s a new heroic squad in town and they’re ready to take you down!

Here we have two of the four Next-Gen Swat Kats, Dovah and Dexter. Both suited up, posing and ready for action! Super hyped for today’s adventure*ahem* badass explosion filled mission. Yeah T-Bone and Razor were ok Swat Kats, but they’ve got nothing on the twin flames double trouble of two fire cats. Plus there’s 5 NG Swat Kats in total so it was about that time to get scrubbing*ahem*retiring of the older cats...they were basically kitties in comparison >=3

No really beware, don’t think you’re grasping the true danger of a fire-cat that’s granted full immunity from the consequences of collateral damage >=3

Badass Commission done by the ever-talented angiewolf Loved the super hero vibe this gives off. Haha if not a bit uhmm... disco themed :P

Badass Fiyahcat Dovah belongs to FireCatDovah

Fire-Kitty Dextah belongs to DexterLion


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    Gotta see their "ride" next....... it they're so badass, their aircraft should be a hoot.

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      I character does have a magic flying broomstick but that’s more of a goofy thing than badass xP

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    So... sounds like this: would be more their style...? :)

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      When it's time for lots of fun and shenanigans I don't see why not xD

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        I always liked Witchiepoo's Vroom Broom... what's not to like about a broom with jet engines? :)