[COM] Shoreline Serenity by DexterLion

[COM] Shoreline Serenity


5 May 2018 at 18:01:44 MDT

Meditating on this gorgeous sunny beach day.

Each deep breath fills the lungs with the unique
yet soothing salt of the ocean. Relaxing sea breeze
massages the fur and penetrates deep into your
very soul as the radiant sun burns away any stress.
Your mind is left pure and refreshed, floating
weightless above hypnotic waves in a manner
similar to lazy clouds drifting along peacefully

...go ahead and roll a ball of yarn in front of him and let's see how well he can hold his concentration >=3

Stunning commission, expertly done by artist guttertongue. Really nailed the pose and set the relaxing atmosphere of this particular sunny beach day. Gaah just makes me wanna give the kitty a tackle hug^^! Original artist post here: [Beachside]

Dexter belongs to me Dexterlion