[COM] Lakeside Stroll by DexterLion

[COM] Lakeside Stroll


25 May 2018 at 18:21:34 MDT

Dexy taking a nice long stroll by the lake on a peaceful warm spring day. Few hour well spent enjoying a tranquil environment, sounds of gentle waves lapping at the shore.

Away with you winter!

Lovely commission done by artist weisserrauch Excellent job with the peaceful lakeside setting, perfect for a certain big cat.! Original artist post here: [Peaceful Day]

Dexter belongs to me Dexterlion


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    The artist who made this really did a great job with the background. It almost looks like something out of a Bob Ross painting.

    By the way I think your fursona's design is kinda cute. I know you probably didn't paint this but I still wanted to say something nice.

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      Thank you very much for the kind words. Much agreed the artist does great work with scenery :)