[COM] Futuristic Laser Tag by DexterLion

[COM] Futuristic Laser Tag


17 March 2018 at 20:15:19 MDT

It's another warm summer evening in the year 2157. Tension in the atmosphere is slowly rising as the crowd grows restless in anticipation of the next events high intensity action. Suddenly, the lights go out, arena goes dark, crowd falling silent. The mechanical whir of many small drones becomes audible as they activate and fly off to random positions around the arena to await their command to attack.

After a short moment, a loud robotic voice erupts from numerous loud speakers. Shouting an electrifying short speech, hyping up the crowd for the next event. A loud cheer overtakes the stadium just before the voice returns to begin the final countdown. The stadium lights slowly return, revealing two contenders standing in the center of the arena. Adrenaline pumping and hearts picking up pace as they power up their laser pistols and fire up their hover boots. A quick exchange of words between the two as their minds focus on the battle ahead.

The crowd begins to roar louder and louder as the countdown gets closer to zero, drones revealing themselves one by one throughout the arena with lasers at the ready. Almost time for action... Many warriors have emerged victorious, many more have walked away in shameful defeat. Whether they win or lose, tonight is all about having fun. However, this match will be nothing compared to the rigors of next weeks international tournament. There this teams skills will truly be put to the test.

Finally the first laser is fired, followed by many many more as the epic battle unfolds. Another game of futuristic laser tag has begun.

Heh I'm sure Dexy was roaring right along with the crowd the whole time :3

Yet again kirena-kaya knocks it out of the park with her amazing artwork. If you aren't already watching her I highly encourage you to do so. Definitely one of my favorite artists! Original artist post here: [2 survivors left]

Elite Skilled Warrior Fox, Caim belongs to evilfawx

Nooby Kitty, Dexy belongs to me Dexterlion