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[COM] Mountain Lion by DexterLion

[COM] Mountain Lion


2 March 2018 at 18:46:50 MST

With each laborious step and strenuous grip on the mountain side, Dexter hoists himself further up. Climbing higher and higher, getting continuously closer to the top. Never looking down to consider how easy it'd be to just head back down, but only looking up, keeping his ultimate goal in sight. Occasionally looking back out to marvel at the amazing coastal scenery dominated by the gorgeous evening skies above.

It's who you are Dexter! Always pushing further and further, no matter how tough. Ignoring the repeated thoughts of 'too tough' or 'can't do it'. Occasionally you will reach an impassible stretch along your journey, whatever it may be. But you don't lower your head and you don't turn around. Hold your head high and find another way forward. Even if that means putting forth a little more effort or taking a small detour to get back on track. Life has a way of chugging along regardless of whether or not things are going according to your plans. So it's up to you to have the persistence to hold onto your dreams and ALWAYS find a way forward.

Mountains are no easy feat to overcome, and some are harder than others to traverse. Sometimes you're climbing up with relative ease, and that's great. Because I then challenge you to reach back towards someone else who might need a little help, and use that excess strength to help them along. Regardless of whether you know them or not, or how different you might perceive them to be. Not out of pity, but out of joy and love. Not because you have to, but because we take pride in unity and togetherness. No one should ever be left behind, and no one should ever feel alone or helpless. Our journeys may have very different destinations, but that doesn't mean our paths don't occasionally meet up from time to time.

Heh maybe you'll meet up with someone and stay together for the remainder of your voyage, maybe they'll change course eventually and head off somewhere new after bidding farewell. But cherish those moments together, whether those others be friends, strangers, family, mates, teammates, who knows? Each and everyone has the ability to impact our lives beyond belief. No one is too strong to make their way through life without a friendly push from another from time to time.

Once you've reached the top, don't just rest, but be proud and stand tall. Chest out wide, letting the sun shine bright on you and warm your heart. For at one point you stood at the base of the mountain. Now you stand at the peak, far above anything that might've tried to stand in your way. For Dexter another adventure completed. For you reading this, another milestone in life passed. For both of you, another one down and many many more to come.

Hehe Keep it up Mr. Floof, almost to the top!^^ From there you can shout a thunderous ROAR to the skies above.

Truly stunning artwork commissioned by artist anthonyavon Give him a look, his gallery is filled with amazing paintings! Original artist post here: [Climb]

Dexter belongs to me DexterLion