Timelord: The Time Marshal [initial concept] by Deviantmarshal (critique requested)

Timelord: The Time Marshal [initial concept] (critique requested)


28 June 2015 at 22:12:09 MDT

Well this WAS worth nearly melting my fingers onto my laptop for! I'll be glad when I get my new computer as I should find rendering/animating him and pretty much everything else easier.

For now, we have a full concept model of the Time Marshal, the Timelord my whole existance online began with. XD
Obviously there's a little streamlining to do here and there (working with multiple layes of cloths is a pain...) Plus I've got a LOT of free space on the Tardis' console to fill before I do something inside it, so here is the outside in case it's of interest. :)

This pic also trys out an idea I've been toying with, that when the Time Marshal regenerated, he somehow injured himself during that and now has a left/right leg preference (think broken hip/femur thats never healed properly). The stick helps him walk, but he can still run if he needs to.

Right now my laptop takes about an hour or so to bake (pre-cache or 'figure out prior to export') about 100 frames on the cloth simulation (for cloathing), then at least 30 minutes to export the 1 frame. So a 10 second animation would take about 5-6 hours to pre-cache (bake) then, assuming its 25 frames-per-second, so 250 frames total, each taking 30 minutes to export, would take around 125 hours!! @-@

oh well, its something to work on in any case. :)
Hope you like how this little project is progressing!

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