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I'm your average (?) young male who does art for a mixture of fun and general money-making.

i'm very aproachable, so please don't feel afraid of talking to me. :3

I do a mixture of things, Primerily MLP, Pokemon, Digimon, Anthros, etc. I have done (and might keep doing) Sonic art (mobians, etc)

so i might carry on with that soon.

I also do a mixture of mature and clean art, if you aren't prepared to have great torrents of one or the other coming into your notifications, think twice about following me. XD

I love jokes, though reasonable jokes only, no trolling, etc.

I have a fair few friends around and about, you mess with them and I be messin wit chu! >:3

so yeah, don't piss off my friends..


can't remember

Latest Journal

Back to work!

Ok, so I know the last journal I posted was about breaking off for the Easter holidays... basically things have been rough and I've not had the means or time to update it since.
Having said that, I've finished my first college year, had a nice break and just spent most of this afternoon reassembling all my crud to allow it to function as a computer. As a result, all the software has to update (yay...) and then I'll have free reign.

This should mean that, assuming I can keep on top of the work, I may start taking some form of commission. Not certain of the details of what people might want, but anything's possible at this point.
Hope you lot are doing well! :D

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Flat Colour
£ 6.00
£ 4.00
add  ~add Background (basic)
£ 10.00
add  ~add background (full/complex)
from £ 15.00
to £ 20.00
add  ~add shading
from £ 4.00
to £ 6.00

This is my base commission prices, sometimes i'll do offers, reductions, packages, etc.


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    heyaa, thanks for following~ i really appreciate it :>

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    hey thank you for the fave :D

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      You're very welcome! x3

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        ahh and thank you for the watch as well you amazingly awesome person :D

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          Hehee! x3
          You're very welcome again!

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    what a star, thank you kindly <3

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      You're very welcome! You do brilliant work! ^w^