Traditional DIN A6 marker flat Chip [personal] by Desmodia

Traditional DIN A6 marker flat Chip [personal]


16 April 2014 at 16:10:24 MDT

Thank you for viewing my art!

Din A6 flat color picture of Chip^^
This is what it looks like when you try to cover an overlength neck with a turtle neck/infinity scarf lol
The original character design was made by jocyhope ( ) andPandaTJ ( ) gifted this character to me
please someone tell me how to link people...

Chip is a Chiumbo, a closed species created by ~jocyhope

the colors are a bit off but he's still recognisable

well this also is what a A6 flat commission would look like (in case I have the correct copics, I'd use watercolors instead). better example ^^ The background is a bit lame but I wouldn't charge anything for it anyway

art © Stella "Desmodia" Hoskin
character © Stella "Desmodia" Hoskin
species © jocyhope

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Exacompta card
Copic Sketch
Delta Marker
Twin touch marker brush
Staedler Pigment liner 0.05
white gel pen